Why did you choose to become a DaVinci Gourmet Flavour Genius?

As a Flavour Genius, I get the chance to explore and grow my knowledge in areas such as discovering different types of flavour combinations that would work on various drink applications. I also get to expand my network of baristas and mixologists in the community.

In your opinion, what are the biggest flavour trends of 2019 in Indonesia?

Flavour trends in Indonesia such as Gula Melaka and Fruity Coffee in my opinion will continue to grow in 2019. Being applied with coffee-based beverages, these flavour profiles continue to grow and is suitable for the Indonesian market as the ingredients are readily available and affordable.

Gula Melaka is also being used in Milk teas which is another trend that is getting a great response from the Indonesian market.

Where do you find your inspiration when creating new drink applications?

I get my inspiration from almost everywhere! I like exploring flavours from food, books, movies and even nature.

Which is your favourite DaVinci Gourmet product and why?

My favourite product would have to be the Flavour Maxx. It’s unique in terms of the function it serves yet can be easily applied in any kind of beverage. Thus far, I haven’t found any competitor brands that have a product with similar specifications.

What are some key challenges Baristas or Mixologists are facing in the industry?

I think finding new trends whilst keeping up with the current ones can be a challenge. There tends to be a situation where trends can get overhyped leading to the markets getting easily bored especially if there are many similar products or beverage applications being sold everywhere in the same time duration.

The other challenge baristas can face is would be consistency issues pertaining to the ingredients we use. We need to ensure that we are meticulous with the type of ingredients we use on recipes that we frequently create to ensure that we have a consistent flavour profile with each drink. The quality of ingredients especially fresh ingredients such as fruit can affect the flavour profiles.

How would you see them overcoming these challenges?

By doing more research and observation, then share the results with peers in the industry especially when it comes to trends that change fast in the market.

With ingredients, we really need to understand the products and flavours we are using when creating beverages so that we can minimise the change in flavour profile particularly when using ingredients such as coffee and fresh fruit.

If you were a drink what would you be?

I would be an Old Fashioned.

It’s a classic cocktail that features a flavour combination of both sweet and bitter. I find this cocktail best represents my personality as a bartender whereby I can be very nice and playful but at the same time, I have a very serious side to me which comes through when I am focused on creating drink masterpieces.

What is your favourite beverage to make and why?

I would say black coffee!

There is a science behind making good black coffee. Things like the type of coffee beans we use, to different methods of brewing right down to water temperature, brewing time and ratio; all these elements have an impact on the result which is taste and appearance of the black coffee beverage. To make a good cup of black coffee, you’d need to have a good understanding of these elements.

How would you think we can grow our Flavour Genius Community?

By growing our network by getting involved in relevant industry events around the region.


Klappertaart Martini











DVG Coconut 5ml

DVG Mur 5ml

DVG Roasted Almond 5ml

DVG Bellagio Chocolate 2gr


Coconut Water 30ml

Light Rum 45ml

Cream 20ml

METHOD – Shake and Strain 

– Add all ingredients (except DVG Bellagio Choco) into shaker

– Add full of ice

– Shake hard for 7s

– Strain the ice and put liquid into martini glass

– Sprinkle DVG Bellagio Choco on top

– Garnish and serve

TIPS – Use fresh coconut water to get better taste and benefits 

Satrya’s Scarlett Needle









Drink Inspiration Scarlett Colors – My favorite color, color that represent courage, force, passion, heat, and joy.
Drink Name Scarlett Needle – European Strawberry combined with calmness from chamomile silver


DVG European Strawberry 10ml

DVG Fragrant Lychee 15ml


Chamomile Tea 120ml

• Rosemary Leaves 2pcs

METHOD Shake, Layer 

– Put all ingredients (Except DVG European Strawberry) into shaker

– Add full of ice into shaker

– Shake for 7s

– Put DVG European Strawberry in the bottom of the cup

– Add ice into full cup

– Pour shaken liquid, strained slowly to create nice layer

– Garnish and serve

Tip: Infuse Rosemary with Chamomile tea for 6 hours to get more of the Rosemary fragrance.