Flavour Genius Of The Month – Joseph Apostol

What is your background as a mixologist? i.e. your flaring accolades, any competitions won
I won several National Competitions before becoming the 1st ever Filipino who won 4th place in the World Flairtending Competition held in Singapore 2014. I also got the title “3times Asia Champion” after winning 3 consecutive competitions abroad. I also consulted different bars nationwide. For the love of my passion, I put up my own organization which is composed of students and young professionals,

When did you become a Flavour Genius with DVG?
More than 2 years but had become a consultant first before becoming a Flavour Genius for almost a year.

How was your experience as a Flavour Genius?
Overwhelming and it’s a dream come true! It’s always been a pleasure meeting new people and sharing my knowledge and skills to our customers. I can say that this job makes me feel that I’m a family even when I’m away with my loved ones.

When working, my only goal is to make other people happy, by means of giving them the satisfaction that they are expecting and by giving them the best experience with what I can share them. I am really happy sharing what I learned while learning from the people around me.

What are the key flavour trends in beverages in the Philippines?
“The Biggest trend in the Philippine market for 2018”

Lemonade Drinks – Natural and healthy. Gives a wider selection of a healthier non-caffeine alternative.
Cold Brew – is the newest and most popular cold beverage at coffee and donut shops.
Indulgent Coffee-based Frappes/Shakes – Many coffee shops are offering larger selections of Coffee base frappe/shakes. Coffee frappes were first adopted by major coffee chains like Starbucks and Donut shops, but now you can find varieties at even small cafes. Coffee-based drinks are now becoming popular among the younger generation.

Give some details about your inspiration behind this drink creation.
These drinks are inspired by a dessert, and I recreated it into a delicious beverage.

The world famous cheesecake is now on the drink. Who can say never to this?
This drink masterpiece is inspired by affogato. Affogato is a coffee-based dessert made of vanilla gelato or ice cream topped or drowned with a shot of hot espresso. With this drink, you can taste the Cheesecake at the front, Coffee in the middle and hazelnut at the back. Enjoy!

Combination of delicious chocolate sauce and raspberry. We top it up with a cheesecake snow whipped cream for an even more heavenly creation.

There is a popular English dessert called Banoffee pie. It is made from bananas, cream and toffee on a pastry base. Inspired by that dessert, it is recreated into a delicious beverage using Chocolate Sauce, banana syrup and English Toffee with espresso.

Share a memorable experience you have working as a Flavour Genius.
Every day working for DVG as a Flavour Genius is a great experience and nothing but top notch! I get to work with some great people from different parts of the world. The company provides additional training to continue learning new skills and that’s really good that I never stop learning. Memorable experience can be every day by giving your best.

Share your experience conducting a drink demonstration which led to closing a huge win for DVG.
I do believe that small or big account is a huge win for DaVinci. Every account is a treasure for me, that’s why I always make sure that every after demonstration our clients will leave with a smile on their faces carrying a happy experience they had with our products.

Small accounts or independent clients, when we put it all together it creates a huge number of accounts. Big accounts give us big sales and small accounts helps us to promote DVG by being the word of their mouth as the best syrup and sauces. I know I am doing good when I hear positive reactions from people especially those accounts who use brand X that switched to us.