What inspired you to become a Flavour Genius?

Bringing joy to people through my drink creations. I find happiness in seeing people smile as they enjoy a beverage I have created for them, knowing I have given them a pleasant experience.

Where do you find your inspiration when creating new drink applications?

I get my inspiration from Instagram, and I do a lot of research on my own. From speaking with friends in the industry, I find out what are the flavour profiles that are catching on in popular cafes across Asia (etc. Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea). When I create a beverage menu for my local market, I tend to incorporate those flavour profiles into the drinks I am making which often pleasantly surprises my customers.

What is the most interesting flavour combination you have experimented with when making a beverage?

I love combining local flavours as much as possible. Local flavours of Thailand are easy to understand and you can get imaginative by pairing them with other trendy flavours.

What does being a Flavour Genius mean to you?

I think being a Flavour Genius is about how we deliver true flavour combinations and surprise people with the way these flavours come through when we create the drink application.

What would you consider to be a challenge when creating a drink?

Having to create a beverage that is operationally easy to execute, cost-effective yet great tasting and visually artistic.

What advice would you give to young aspiring baristas or mixologists who are eager to learn the trade?

The world is changing, and you can easily access information or get drink inspirations from your smartphone, anytime. So, don’t stop learning, thinking of new ideas and researching new ways of being creative and artistic with the beverages you make.

What is your favourite beverage to make and why?

I enjoy making frappes. In Thailand, it is summer all year long, so frappes are very refreshing, and you can get very creative with fancy decorations as well. Also, there is a huge demand for frappes in Thailand which make up 80% of the beverage market. people are willing to spend their money on good frappe beverage.

How would you want to grow the Flavour Genius community?

Sharing of information amongst your peers from other countries is very. When you know what are the popular flavours in different countries, you can come up with great flavour combinations.

I also think we should have a Flavour Genius app or a DaVinci Gourmet app which would feature content such as predicting flavour trends, recipe features and highlights on upcoming events.

The golden Rama 9

This fizzy beverage was inspired by the memory of our beloved” King Rama 9” who passed away a couple a years ago, and whom we miss till today. The yellow or gold colour is also the colour of King Rama 9.

The base flavour of this drink features Thailand’s most popular fruit flavour, mango. The drink is made by combining DaVinci Gourmet’s Majestic Mango with lemonade and soda. Mango bobas are incorporated for added texture and swirling gold dust gives the drink it’s majestic appeal.

The drink also features a beautiful layer using “Butterfly pea” which creates a deep blue hue.

Garnished with a sprig of mint, overall this Instagram worthy masterpiece that delivers the ultimate multi-sensory experience when consumed.

Let ‘s enjoy the Golden Rama 9 by saying” CHAI…YO…!!!