What inspired you to become a Flavour Genius?

Becoming a bartender has always been my dream. I have been in the F&B industry since 1993. In my career, I have worked in many bars in my country and trained many people on becoming good mixologists. In 2017, I was given the chance to become a Flavour Genius for DaVinci Gourmet. In my role, I was able to showcase my drink creations to some of the biggest beverage chains around the world and touch many peoples’ senses with my creations. This opportunity was the key factor for becoming a Flavour Genius. It is an honour to work in a global company such as Kerry.

In your opinion, what were the biggest flavour trends of 2018 in Turkey?

When it comes to fruity flavours, Passion Fruit still takes the lead. Yuzu is yet another fruit that has been gaining traction as a trending flavour.
For healthy beverage drinkers, handcrafted lemonades, active charcoal, turmeric, kombucha drinks and matcha tea are part of growing trends.
As for beverage mixers, tonic has been trending for a couple of years now and flavoured artisanal tonics will keep growing in the next year.

Where do you find your inspiration when creating new drink applications?

Though I have trained myself to be an expert in mixology techniques, I am always trying to improve my knowledge through articles and books. I also get different inspirations from the biggest kitchen chefs from their food creations. Flavour inspirations don’t just come from what I drink but from what I eat as well. Over the years, I have become a part of many social media communities comprising global mixologists and bartenders, where we share many different inspirational posts to get new ideas.

What is the most interesting flavour combination you have experimented with when making a beverage?

I have experimented with quite a few interesting flavour combinations. The most interesting ones are:

  • Banana + Parsley
  • Sage + Chocolate
  • Apple + Lavender
  • Strawberry + Tomato
  • Avocado + Coffee
  • White Chocolate + Black Caviar
  • Basil + Cloves + Mango 
  • Mint + Mustard
  • Hazelnut + Nutmeg

What would you consider to be a challenge when creating a drink?

For me, being a Flavour Genius means being an engineer of awesome drinks that will awaken peoples’ five senses with love, passion and craft. A Flavour genius doesn’t just only follow the trends but also creates future trends.

What advice would you give to young aspiring baristas or mixologists who are eager to learn the trade?

My advice to them would be to love what they do, to learn what they can learn, to improve their skills and to teach and inspire the upcoming generations in this industry and be the best that they can be in their role.

What do you enjoy the most about being a Flavour Genius?

The best thing is being a member of a global and big family that works with passion to create awesome products for consumers. Travelling to different countries as a Flavour Genius is the second-best thing for me. Seeing new trends and what is going on in different countries and getting inspiration from different cultures is a priceless experience.

If you had to choose between being passionate about drink-making and being skilled at drink-making which would you choose and why?

I would choose being passionate because the most important aspect about every job is to love the what you do. You can learn the necessary skills and knowledge, you can train yourself but if you don’t have the passion, everything will be difficult.


Application story / Description

A nice digestive drink with mixture of chamomile tea and red berries created with love.


Chamomile Tea(cold brewed for 6 hours) 90 ml
DVG Superberries syrup 10 ml
DVG Shortbread Cookies syrup 10 ml
Mixed berry foam To fill the glass
Ice 120 g
Daisy flower Garnish

Mixed Berry Foam Recipe:

Add 100 ml of Mixed Berry Fruit mix, 100 ml fresh cream, 30 ml DVG Cheesecake sauce, 5 egg whites, 30 ml Flavour Max, 2 pinch of salt to cream whipper and charge it with NO2 cartridge. Keep it in a cool place.


  • Put all ingredients except the mixed berry foam into a shaker.
  • Fill the shaker with ice and shake it strong.
  • Pour the drink to chilled serving glass.
  • Whip the mixed berries foam to fill the glass.
  • Garnish the drink with daisy flower and enjoy.


Application story / Description

A really nice and healthy alternative to Cuban cocktail classsic Mojito with pear and fresh parsley.


DVG Asian Pear Fruit Mix 20 ml
DVG Lemonade Mix 20 ml
DVG Matcha Green Soda Mix 20 ml
Fresh Parsley Leaves
Lime wedges 3 wedge
Soda Water 75 ml
Ice 120 g


DVG Matcha Green Soda Mix Recipe:

In the blender mix 750 ml water, 60 ml green apple syrup, 30 ml DVG Lemonade Flavored Syrup, 10 gr Matcha powder. Pour in a soda canister and add Co2 cartridges. Shake 5 times and keep refrigerated.


  • Muddle the lime wedges and parsley leaves inside the small piece of shaker
  • Add all ingredients except soda in the shaker, full with ice and shake it strongly.
  • Pour the drink in a glass and top it with soda water.
  • Enjoy!