What inspired you to become a DaVinci Gourmet Brand Ambassador?

I wanted to be DaVinci Brand Ambassador because of the amazing technology behind the creation of all the syrups. 

In your opinion, what flavour trends will dominate the Malaysian market in 2020?

In my opinion the flavours that will be a trend in Malaysia are local fruit flavours such as Jackfruit, Bunga Kantan (is there an English name for this?), Pandan and Gula Melaka.

Where do you find your inspiration when creating new drink applications?

I find most of my inspiration from food, desserts and also by exploring new and different ingredients to understand each flavour profile and essential to pair them nicely.

What is the most interesting or crazy flavour combination you have experimented with when making a beverage?

HLaksa herbs (what herbs would these be?) in a cocktail (what kind of cocktail?). (Can you elaborate a little more on how did flavours pair?)

If you were a drink, what would you be and why?

Whisky on the rock because it’s a drink that says a lot based on the age of the whisky you choose (Bowmore 15yrs Islay Whisky) and because of its subtle elegance.

As a café owner, what are some of the key challenges you face in the industry?

There are two main challenges:
(1) maintaining taste consistency
(2) hiring/managing staffs.

How do you find the solutions to tackle these challenges?

Using innovative flavoured products such as DaVinci Gourmet because the taste and flavour is consistently maintained at high quality form at all times. This would take away a bigger chunk of my worries, as I am able to then provide a simple SOP for my staff and they will always ensure my beverages are executed perfectly all the time.

What advice would you give young aspiring baristas or mixologists who are eager to learn the trade?

Be more objective when tasting and experiencing different flavours of various ingredients. Read more about beverages, innovation and understanding the trends of the world, and share more of your ideas with the community as we are all constantly learning. Key to a successful person is to be able to not just gain knowledge but share with all.

What do you enjoy the most about being a barista?

A smile from my customer. Because to me, if I can either complete their day, or to start their day with a smile, it basically means I have achieved my goal – serving my customers and making them happy.

How would you look at growing the DaVinci Gourmet Flavour Genius Community

Creating more interesting recipes and easily replicable so that more people can do it. To have more competition within the community as we have many aspiring baristas and mixologists who are eager to learn, to share their knowledge, and are currently looking for more platforms to shine.


Grapefruit Espresso Tonic










I have always loved Gin and Tonic but some days I need caffeine kick but still feel like I ma having a G&T this is my go to drink.


DVG 20ml Pomelo Grapefruit Syrup


Double espresso

120ml Tonic Water



1. Fill tall glass with ice

2. Add 120ml of tonic water.

3. Add 20ml of Pamelo grapefruit syrup.

4. Add double espresso.

Virgin Pina Colada latte










This is inspired by a classic cocktail which is Pina Colada, I wanted to bring the summer feel along with some caffeine kick.


DVG Pineapple Fruit Mix 30ml

DVG Coconut Syrup 15ml


Double espresso

120ml cold milk



1. Pour double espresso into a tall glass.

2. Add 30ml of pineapple fruit mix into espresso..

3. Add 15ml of coconut syrup into espresso.

4. Stir well

5. Add Ice

6. Last add 120ml of cold milk.