Flavour Genius of the month – Jeff Ho

Special interview with Jeff Ho

    1. What inspired you to become a Flavor Genius?

      “I’ve always been curious and excited about flavours and aroma since I was young, so being a flavor genius is natural to me.“

    2. Where do you find your inspiration when creating new drink applications?

      “Talking to people, listening to what they like and tying local food and drinks when I travel. All these helps to improve my flavour library.“

    3. What is the most interesting flavour combination you have experimented with when making a beverage?

      “I like to use fish sauce in beverages such as sodas or granitas as it can smoothen sweet and sour taste on your palate.“

    4. What is the most challenging drink you have had to make?

      “There was an event in Kuala Lumpur where I had to create mock wine. I managed to create a range of delicious mock wine from pinot noir to dessert wine using a blend of DVG products and ingredients from the supermarket.“

    5. What advice would you give young aspiring baristas or mixologists who are eager to learn the trade?

      “Find a good mentor, then spend time practicing and improving your techniques as there are no short cuts. I believe when a student is ready the teacher will appear. Mindful eating and drinking. Pay attention to the smell and taste, figure out the flavours and remember what makes them delicious.“

    6. What is your favorite beverage to make and why?

      “Flavored Iced tea, because one can create a delicious beverage anywhere by using simple ingredients. However, a great iced tea requires attention to the concentration, temperature and type of tea.“

    7. If you had to choose between being passionate about drink making and being skilled at drink making which would you choose and why?

      “Being passionate is something innate, it’s part of your personality. That is the reason you continue to do what you love and seeking self-improvement despite facing obstacles. Being skilled comes naturally as you gain experience and become great in your chosen field.“

    8. Share 2-3 signature recipes you have created.

Prosperity Café Latte


15ml DVG Dry Bitter Orange Syrup
15ml DVG Shortbread Cookie Syrup
150ml Milk
1 shot Espresso
Chocolate Powder (Garnish)


  • Steam sauce and syrups together with milk then pour into glass
  • Add espresso
  • Garnish and serve


“Inspired by cookies popular during Chinese New Year, this hot Café latte uses dry bitter orange syrup to provide orange flavor and shortbread cookie syrup gives the drink a cookie element.“

Peanuts Frappe


20ml DVG Salted Caramel Sauce
20ml DVG Butterscotch Sauce
5ml DVG Shortbread Cookie Syrup
20g DVG Frappease Powder
100ml Water
1 tbsp Homemade Peanut Butter
SeaSalt White Chocolate Cream (Garnish)


  • Add all ingredients into blender cup
  • Blend until smooth then pour into
  • Garnish and serve


“Inspired by peanuts, this delicious frappe uses salted caramel and butterscotch sauce to complement the nutty flavors of peanuts and shortbread cookie syrup to give it a hint of cookie.“