Experience The Ultra-Refreshing & Fresh Flavours This Summer!

This Summer…
Experience the
Refreshing Flavours

DaVinci Gourmet

Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s pursuit of perfecttion, DaVinci Gourmet is the contemporary choice for professional drink

Adding seasonal drink options will make your menu more dynamic and enticing. DaVinci Gourmet has recently launched its seasonal new product line: the Real Fruit Mixes, to present the various flavours of summertime.

DaVinci Gourmet is a global brand offering a large breadth of beverage solutions and great products that taste as delicious as they are easy to use. It follows a philosophy of co-creating each new product and recipe with baristas and mixologists, using sensory science to help build deep connections with consumers.

The new product line: Real Fruit Mixes, is made with real fruit pulp and natural fruit flavours. It captures the true fruit essence in every bottle. The seven carefully crafted flavours: Passion Fruit, Mixed Berries, Golden Pear, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Strawberry and Mango, each designed to easily dissolve in hot and cold applications to perfect smoothies, crafted sodas, iced teas and more.

Here are some refreshing beverages you can add to your menu using DaVinci Gourmet mixes:


To quench your thirst on a sunny day

Lemonade, a classic thirst quencher perfect for summer, is also great for innovation. Give the classic lemonade a twist this summer by add-ing summer fruity flavours, colours and bubbles to stay cool with your customers!


For afternoon sipping

The brewing of artisan iced tea came to the forefront with the cold brew coffee movement. Cold brew, with a less bitter taste, concentrates the extraction of the most volatile flavour from leaves through prolonged steeping. Try pairing summer fruit flavour with single origin tea to tell a good story.


To start your day

There are countless reasons to celebrate summer and endless blends to celebrate with. The health halo of smoothies makes consumers feel good about gulping. So, take advantage of the seasonal fresh produce, unleash your creativity and invent your signature summer smoothies for your new summer drink menu today!

Inspiration for DaVinci Gourmet’s real fruit mixes:

Ingredient is Key – We are serious about our craft. At Da-Vinci Gourmet, every product is meticulously crafted in single batches using carefully selected high-quality ingredients. We have managed to capture the true fruit essence at the peak of ripeness in every bottle by adding almost 50% real fruit pulp and natural fruit flavours with no artificial colourings and sweeteners. No more sourcing costly fruits out of season.

Multi-Sensory Approach – We understand how senses influence the popularity of a drink and how flavour creates a deeper connection with consumers. We use advanced flavour technology to help protect the subtle flavours and volatile aroma from escaping. The technology will produce an end-product capable of delivering flavours that are vibrant and natural; aromas that are rich and fresh. In addition, we have used less processed fruit concentrates to preserve the natural fruitiness of each fruit. Drink makers can now use these “tools” to delight consumers by unlocking a multi-sensory experience through their drink masterpiece.

Co-Creation Drives Success – We follow a philosophy of co-creation by crafting each new product and recipe with real baristas and mixologists, using sensory science to help create deeper connections with consumers. Pick and pair from our selection of summer flavours to enhance your concoction with Da-Vinci Gourmet.

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